South 10th Street Tracks

Hidden at the end of a small dirt road in Ronkonkoma’s industrial area lies a terrific opportunity for people interested in sports photography, or even just photography enthusiasts in general, to have a great time and get some great shots.

Every day, from 10:00am until the sun tells them it’s time to go home, riders of all ages hop on their dirt bikes and ATVs, and shred up the three tracks on this secluded piece of land on South 10th Street in Ronkonkoma, just off of Pond Road.

There are plenty of chances to snap some amazing photos of these guys as they fly over the jumps, speed through the straight sections, and shoot chunks of dirt and mud at you as they race around the sharp turns. Naturally, you won’t be allowed on the tracks themselves, but the design allows you to get a good view of all the riders from the parking area – and you just might need to clean your lens every five minutes!

For insurance reasons, you will need to get permission from owner Dan Duffy before you enter the property, or sign a waiver upon arrival. You can contact him at 516-356-2803, or by email at

Now grab your camera, head on down and start practicing your panning!


~ by Todd Kempf on April 15, 2012.

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