Kings Park Psych. Center – April 29, 2012


This past Sunday was another excursion to Kings Park Psychiatric Center.  However, this time we concentrated across the street in another area.  On St. Johnsland Rd., across from the Kings Park main entrance (where we met last time) is the  Nissequogue State Park.  Big sign, so it can’t be missed…oh wait…nevermind.  hehe  After a late start waiting for people to find the place, we began our mission.  Lots of small buildings in this area and what appears to have been staff residences.  Also, and more importantly, there didn’t seem to be any “No Trespassing” signs, warnings or fences there to keep people away.

While making our way around the area, we found a building that was in a secluded area and was able to be entered.  So…we all went in.  Again, no signs or warnings so legally we were allowed to be there…or not, but it sounded good to us at the time.  This seemed to be a continued care building with rooms and cubicles with name slats outside on the walls, big shower areas complete with towel rooms and so on.  There was art and pictures still hanging on the walls from when patients were housed there (apparently four to a room according to the name slats).  After exploring this building we made our way to one of the old residency buildings (for nurses?) and took out some props and masks and had a bit of fun.  There were clowns, devils, swords, capes…like a bizarre superhero comic.  Some of us broke out some lighting gear and played around with that as well.

At the end of the day, the few of us that were left ended up at the bluff overlooking the water.  A really nice view.  At this point, we were wiped out so it was kind of like “National Lampoon’s Vacation” when the Griswald’s finally make it to the Grand Canyon, look for a few seconds and then move on.

All in all another great day.  Looking forward to the next!

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Old book still there...


~ by Craig Kempf on May 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Kings Park Psych. Center – April 29, 2012”

  1. another really nice day 🙂

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