Avalon Park – Stony Brook, NY

Located in Stony Brook, near the Old Grist Mill area is Avalon Park.  I’ve been here a few times and even took wedding photos of groomsmen here.  There’s a lake with ducks and geese, which is pretty much the standard on Long Island, but also a wooded boardwalk through the forest, gravelly paths, stone steps and a stone labyrinth.  Don’t be afraid of the labyrinth, there are no walls, so you won’t get lost and eaten by a Minotaur.

When you’re walking through the wooded area, it’s really quite peaceful.  Much of the sounds of daily life are drowned out, which is nice.  Last time I was there, we actually saw a huge Bullfrog and a Snapping Turtle in one of the small ponds.  They were pretty relaxed and let me take some pics, guess they’re used to the parkparazzi.

Also here is a sensory garden, which I didn’t check out…yet.  It’s all about smells and was created for people who are vision impaired so that they too could experience the beauty of nature in their own way.  All different flowers with their own unique scents.  Very nice touch.

Best of all, this place is FREE.  Yes, a park in NY that is free.  Believe it or not.  And it’s well maintained and pet friendly!

TurtleSo check this park out when you have a chance or are in the area.



~ by Craig Kempf on May 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “Avalon Park – Stony Brook, NY”

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  2. […] permitting, at 2:00pm on June 3rd there will be an excursion to Avalon Park in Stony Brook. It will be led by Jeff Lohne this […]

  3. […] Weather permitting, there will be an eXcursion this Sunday at 2:00pm to Avalon Park. If you haven’t been there, you can read about the place from Craig’s write up here: https://liphotox.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/avalon-park-stony-brook-ny/. […]

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