West Meadow Beach – May 20, 2012

Not much went as planned today, but we still managed to have a good time and get some nice photos.

West Meadow Beach had a LOT more people than we had anticipated, so we walked along the back road a bit, argued about the Rangers vs the Devils, stopped to take some pics at a boarded up cottage, then finally decided to leave and head down to Avalon Park (which recently got a nice write up here by Craig Kempf).

I have it on good authority that this beach is an amazing place for photos during sunsets, so I will definitely be heading back there some evening.

Like a weird LIPX funeral procession, we all followed Ken around the winding Stony Brook roads and down a bumpy dirt path that led (among other places) to a tree that had been struck by lightning 100 years ago or so. We met some nice hippies who were hanging out at the tree, and took turns taking pictures of each other – even some of the usually shy members got hammy!

We decided to walk down to the wild flowers which, unfortunately, weren’t blooming yet but we got to see the barn, which was decked out with art from some contest, and we met the director who was very nice.

By then it had been three hours of hiking, so some of us decided to head home, while a few of us headed towards the pond.

The pond was very cool, and we got to see cormorants building nests, baby ducks and even a swan and her baby. It is a beautiful place, and a fun day despite things falling apart.


~ by Todd Kempf on May 21, 2012.

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