West Meadow Beach – May 25, 2012

Last night we had a nice little excursion to West Meadow Beach for some sunset shots before they start charging. It was a last minute thing, but still a few people showed up and fun was had by all.

Three of us were there a little early, so we spent some time on the beach helping one of our newer photographers understand her camera’s settings and showing her the best way to do some ‘tricks’. We also just enjoyed the beautiful weather and view!

After a bit, the others showed up and we headed down the beach. The initial plan was to check out the crazily-colored cottages, and then head down the other side of the beach for the actual sunset shots.

That didn’t work out, and we didn’t mind.

We found an old, beat up cottage filled with some amazing graffiti and spent the rest of the evening there taking pics of it, each other, and incorporating the sunset into these shots. We had no intention of going back down to the other side of the beach once we discovered the awesomely run-down cottage!

For a last minute excursion, it sure was fun and we got many great shots in!

As always, feel free to check out our facebook group for discussions and such on upcoming excursions, or just show up to one. We are all nice, there is no cost or obligation involved, there is no minimum or maximum experience level, all ages are welcome, etc etc. Just have a camera and a smile!


~ by Todd Kempf on May 26, 2012.

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