Greenport – May 27, 2012

This Memorial Day weekend all but kicked our asses.

Initially we were scheduled to go to the Elizabeth Morton Bird Sanctuary in Sag Harbor, but we canceled that in favor of going to the air show at Jones Beach.

However, the more we learned about the traffic and crowds, the less we wanted to go to Jones Beach!

Thankfully, some of the regular members of the group put together a plan to go see the Tall Ships out in Greenport, and a crazy weekend turned into a fun excursion.

We all met up in the parking lot at a McDonalds in Ridge (although only a few of us were ‘brave’ enough to actually eat their food) and planned our course. Thankfully John knows the area pretty well, so he took the reins and showed us an alternate route to avoid traffic. The ten of us piled into three vehicles and off we went.

My personal achievement was not yelling “pull over!” every time I saw a cool looking field or vineyard. The countryside out east is so beautiful, and I had never seen it before.

We made it to Greenport, no traffic, and bought our tickets.

The ships were amazing! They really looked like something out of a pirate movie – and in fact, according to some lady that we met, one of the boats was actually used in both the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the remake of Mutiny on the Bounty. On that boat, the crew had even dressed themselves up as pirates. That was pretty cool.

After a few hours of standing in lines and taking pics of the ships, it was time to relax for a few before leaving.

On the drive back to our cars in Ridge, we stopped off at Martha Clara Vineyards for some refreshments and to see the animals they have – llamas, a donkey, buffalo, baby goats, even some pornographic turtles!

It was our first time carpooling, and it worked out nicely so that will make it easier in the future to go to far away places. A wacky weekend ended up being a blast of awesome fun thanks to some dedicated members. Thanks guys and gals!!

As always, feel free to check out our facebook group for discussions and such on upcoming excursions, or just show up to one. We are all nice, there is no cost or obligation involved, there is no minimum or maximum experience level, all ages are welcome, etc etc. Just have a camera and a smile!


~ by Todd Kempf on May 28, 2012.

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