Lakeland Park – Islandia, NY

Off of Johnson Ave. in Islandia is a small park which is relatively secluded and mostly forested.  You won’t find the typical camping grounds, dog runs, fields or anything like that.  There’s a small playground and some tables and chairs, but the bulk of it is woodlands with a raised boardwalk running through it.

The boardwalk brings you through trees, swamps, weird looking plantlife and ultimately to a lake that’s filled with the usual geese and ducks…and if you’re patient, you might see a few Snapping Turtles.  While walking through, there are a lot of things to shoot such as flowers, birds, frogs, turtles, trees, and so on.   Also every once in a while there are benches so you can sit and enjoy the scenery, do some reading, or just rest your arms from carrying photo gear.  🙂

If you go past the lake, to the left, there’s a path that leads to a small tunnel which goes underneath the train tracks.  Sure the tunnel smells like beer and urine, but it also is chockful of graffiti and makes for some interesting shots.  Maybe you can bring a flash and experiment with lighting inside of the tunnel for example.  If you’re lucky, sometimes the train rumbles past and you could get some nice shots of that.

So, all in all, I think this place is worth looking into if you’re bored or in the area.  I’ve been there many times; sometimes to shoot and sometimes just to walk around and enjoy.

And here’s my review, and others reviews’, on Yelp.



~ by Craig Kempf on June 1, 2012.

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