Port Jefferson Harbor – June 20, 2012

Another successful excursion Wednesday night!

New LIPX member, Tom, had an idea for a solstice-sunset excursion to Port Jefferson and it couldn’t have worked out better. Those who showed up were treated to an amazingly beautiful sunset against a harbor that was so full of photo opportunities that one could spend days there just taking pics.

The downside was that it was brutally hot. It was one of those days when you start to sweat the moment you step out from the air conditioning. There wasn’t much of a breeze to cool things off, so we spent a while just boiling in our own sweat – which is as lovely as it sounds. 

But it all became worth it once the sky started turning that pinkish hue, and the giant ball of sun came out of the haze.

It was like a dream as we rushed around, trying to get some decent photos to do justice to the sun before it sunk below the horizon. I think we succeeded, and we had fun. We probably shed a few pounds too!

Make sure to join our Facebook group for latest information and plans. Things happen much faster there than they do here!

And if you are a photographer of any skill level and want to join us on a future excursion, remember that there is NO FEE, no obligations, no minimum or maximum experience level… just a camera and a good attitude!


~ by Todd Kempf on June 22, 2012.

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