Kings Park Psych Center – June 23, 2012

On Saturday we visited the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center again. There is no such thing as visiting that place too many times.

We went to some places some of us had never been before. It was a bit of walking, but worth it for the unusual places we got to see including the cemetery, which was more like a field than a cemetery since almost all the plaques have been overgrown, and a giant graffiti covered water tower.

After that, we drove around to the front on building #93 and explored some old ‘cottages’ hidden in the woods. They were pretty interesting, but between the harsh shadows and the heat none of us really had the mood to take many pictures so we tossed some props on Kelly and she let us use her as a model.

There will definitely be more excursions to the Kings park Psych Center, especially since it will be torn down eventually. There are so many buildings and places for amazing photo opportunities.

If anyone has interest in joining us in the future, keep an eye on this blog and our facebook group. The Facebook group is your best bet, since we discuss things there so changes often come quickly.

As always, participation in an excursion requires only a camera and a good attitude. There are no minimum or maximum skill levels, no fees, no special equipment… just smile!



~ by Todd Kempf on June 26, 2012.

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