Kings Park Psych Center – January 13, 2013


Back to the Kings Park Psychiatric Center for more abandoned fun! There was a huge turn out for this one, which was great to see. We all got split up at certain points, so it wasn’t as cohesive as usual but we all got good shots and had fun – and that’s what matters!


We did a lot of walking, and saw a lot of sites – some members even found the morgue! The bodies had been removed though…

We got to see the sad site where the power plant used to be, but is now torn down and covered in construction vehicles. It was a beautiful area.bill1

After the bulk of the group left for the day, a few of us stuck around to explore some buildings we’d never seen before – and lucky we were because they were so cool! I don’t know when they built but they had a very old-seeming architecture, and seemed about ready to collapse. We braved it anyway.

This was probably the biggest excursion so far, both in terms of people and things seen.

fran1If anyone has interest in joining us in the future, keep an eye on this blog and our facebook group. The Facebook group is your best bet, since we discuss things there so changes often come quickly.

As always, participation in an excursion requires only a camera and a good attitude. There are no minimum or maximum skill levels, no fees, no special equipment… just smile!

~ by Todd Kempf on February 21, 2013.

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