Kings Park Psych Center – January 6, 2013

lamont1A nice turnout and a fun time at the Jan 6th excursion to Kings Park Psych Center. We got to explore a bit that day, seeing things we hadn’t seen before and welcoming some new members.

lisa1In addition to the usual creepiness, we found some areas that were super-creepy. One was a cubicle that somebody recently cleaned and decorated, and then splashed ‘paint’ over the walls. Very weird. Another room had folded up pages from a book hanging from the ceiling. We found old patient manifests and a dead raccoon.

Ikelly1f anyone has interest in joining us in the future, keep an eye on this blog and our facebook group. The Facebook group is your best bet, since we discuss things there so changes often come quickly, and there are often impromptu excursions as well.

As always, participation in an excursion requires only a camera and a good attitude. There are no minimum or maximum skill levels, no fees, no special equipment… just smile!





~ by Todd Kempf on February 21, 2013.

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