Kings Park Psych Center – Saturday March 30, 2013


A few of us made our way to King’s Park Psychiatric Center again (and will again and again and again!), and got quite an eyeful this time around.

erik1We began in the theater, which was awful last time and even worse this time. All the ice had melted, leaving the floor (and most things) with a nice, wet layer of pigeon poo. We still managed to make a go of it and got nice shots, and got to explore a few places we didn’t see last time we were in there, including the area above the stage.


After that we stopped by building 94, which was the very cool looking laundry building. Lot’s of open spaces and cool pillars, and some nice shots from the roof.

We then made our way to the power plant, where the smokestack was demolished a few days ago, but the security guy (who is very nice) said we couldn’t get any closer than we were.

fran2By this time we’d been there four hours already and were ready to go home. However, on the way back we ran into an explorer that we’d previously met and he agreed to show us into building 93, for which I am eternally thankful. This building still has beds, chairs, tables, all sorts of fun arts and crafts things and best of all – murals on the walls of the basement which were painted by old timey cartoonist Percy Crosby, who was locked up in the asylum for the last 16 years of his life (a fun story, google it).

All in all we spent around five hours there and saw a lot of cool things. We didn’t get to see much of building 93 due to hunger and just generally being beat, but we definitely will go back. Our ‘tour guide’ promised much cooler things in some of the higher levels!



~ by Todd Kempf on March 24, 2013.

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