Riverhead Zombie Run – May 5, 2013


So Sunday we head out to the Riverhead Zombie race! Sadly, some of the people who had wanted to come weren’t able to for various reasons, but those of us who made the trip had a fantastic time! Some of our members also spent the day either being a zombie trying to eat runners, or running for their lives in the 5k.

craig2Shortly after arriving, we got special permission to walk along the course (which was back in the woods where most spectators couldn’t see) and photograph the zombies and runners, which we did. It was long, with steep hills, obstacles and a sandy beach-area. Much respect for anyone who completed that run, as we got quite a workout just walking it backwards!

Along the trail we found zombies and runners, but since the zombies were sparse we were happy to have the daughter of one of our members (who was dressed as a zombie) chase the runners around. They laughed, we laughed, and everyone had a hell of a good time.Zombies 4-5-13 589

We finally made it back to the main grounds to discover that the crowd had grown a lot while we were in the woods, and zombies were everywhere. In the lodge, there were make-up artists decorating the zombies to be scarier than they already were. Again, everybody was in a good mood.

There is another race just like this in September and we will definitely be going – some of us as zombies or runners next time!




~ by Todd Kempf on May 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Riverhead Zombie Run – May 5, 2013”

  1. Hello,

    My boyfriend and I were wondering how to get the pictures from the race held on 5-5-13. We would like to purchase the pics.
    My number was 1981

    • I’m not really sure where the official photograph site is. You should contact the race organizers, or check out their facebook page for more information. Good luck!

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