Ponquogue Sea Turtle Release – August 6, 2013


At the last minute, one of our members let us know that some sea turtles were being released back into the ocean out east. Yay! A few of us dropped everything and went out, met up with some others and got some nice pictures of them.

gary1We got a little lucky, as we got there a few minutes late and saw the truck unloading the turtles which the people on the beach didn’t get to see. That was a nice treat!

While there we met one of the volunteers for The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Prevention, Leslie, who kindly informed us that two seals would be released on Thursday (just two days away). So naturally, we went there as well.

Please visit The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Prevention if you’d like to donate money or time. They do good things!jen1


If anyone has interest in joining us in the future, keep an eye on this blog and our facebook group. The Facebook group is your best bet, since we changes often come quickly, and there are often impromptu excursions as well (like this one!).

As always, participation in an excursion requires only a camera and a good attitude. There are no minimum or maximum skill levels, no fees, no special equipment… just smile!


~ by Todd Kempf on August 9, 2013.

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